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Family Tips2: COVID19 Support for Parole Hearings SNAIL MAIL

Family Tips2: COVID19 Support for Parole Hearings SNAIL MAIL

Due to the COVID19, and the Prison movement restrictions and Medical Quarantine, inmates can not attend Group or do self help classes to increase their Rehabilitation programs. The Law Office of Diane Letarte (619-233-3688) made her Self-Help Resources Packet available to Friends and Family Members, for a nominal Web fee convenience. Family member may also want to buy the SAMPLE Support Letters .
The miscellaneous Resource pages in TIPS-2 are from all different sources that our office as acquired over aseveral years, to assist our Long Term and Lifer Offender clients. We have compiled documents in one packet so that Family/Friends can assist their Love Ones in their Journey of Rehabilitation.
This packet contains several different topics; Book List, Book Report Sample, Correspondence classes address, Transitional Housing resources, CDCR Mental health system assistance for in-cell classes, Newsletter and how to subscribe to them.
Make sure to review all the documents, containing Contacts and Addresses to inquire about their programs. Some classes are Free and others are available for a small fee for their services. We do not promote any one resource over another. It will be up to the Friends and Family to contact the agency and inquire about their services.
TIPS2 packet contains courtesy Sample excerpts of  the ECC , LSA, and POSSE newsletters - if you chose to subscribe to them for your Loved One, please contact the Newsletter Editor directly. There is a separate CLN (California Lifer Newsletter) that is now published by LSA; you can also request a Subscription for CLN.  These Newsletters are published and mailed throughout the prisons. Subscription can be purchased by the Family to send to your Love Ones in prison. The Law Office of Diane Letarte  has no affiliations with any of the Newsletters, except that we also subscribe to them.

This is a FREE practical "TIPS-2" (55+ pages) pamphlet. As the Family/Friend of an inmate you only need to pay a small convenience fee for the internet express delivery. DELIVERY NOTE: your shipping address is requested for billing purposes ONLY.  We can snail mail a copy to the prison for your LO (instead of your mailing address), provide the Name/CDC#/Prison/housing Unit and we will send a copy via Legal Mail.

This is a FREE practical "Tips2" (55+ pages) pamphlet. As the Family/Friend of an inmate you only need to pay ($18.85) for the cost of Printing, Shipping & Handling. We mail directly to the prison (on your behalf- as Legal Mail) if you provide the Housing Unit, Institution, and the PO Box of the Instituion in your Order Request.

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