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Attorney Prison Consultation: South CA; Parole Hearing Strategy

Attorney Prison Consultation: South CA; Parole Hearing Strategy

ATTORNEY consult $999

Due to prison travel restriction - Call the office at 619-233-3688 for futher information.

This is a flat discounted Web Attorney's fee for a face-to-face consultation in Prison, regarding the up-coming LIFER (Elderly or Youth) Parole Hearing for inmates housed at: RJD, CEN, CALIPATRIA, ISP, or CVSP, CIW. NOTE: You must call the law office and make arrangement for this fee before purchasing it.

If inmate is NOT Housed at the listed location then choose the out-of-town fee Attorney consult $1550 or ADD the Attorney travel $499. NOTE: PBSP requires extra traveling fee; call the office 619-233-3688  for further information.

This consultation includes the best strategy for a short-term and long-term approach to eventually gain a Parole Date. During the consultation Attorney Letarte will provide recommendations as to what is missing (if anything) or what could be improved in your presentation before going to the BOARD OF PAROLE HEARINGS (BPH).

This is crucial because of Marsy's Law. If you do not get a Parole Date - you are facing a minimum of 3-year, with a maximum of 15-year Denial, before you get another chance at the Parole Hearing. YOU WANT TO DO IT RIGHT TO AVOID A 15-year DENIAL!

At the consultation session the inmate will need to bring relevant documentation that he wants to review. A list below is recommended:
1) Transcript of the last Board Hearing, if not the Initial hearing
2) Most recent Psychological Report, written by the Forensic Psychologist
3) Last (available) Board (aka Life Evaluation) Report, written by the counselor.

--- OR ---

Bring the “Attorney Packet”, it will contain all the above documents and more. This packet can be requested from your last attorney. The attorneys are provided this packet by the prison - each time the State Appointed (or private) attorney represents you. You can ask your attorney to give you the packet AFTER you have completed the hearing.

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