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Attorney Petition to Advance Lifer Parole Hearing

Attorney Petition to Advance Lifer Parole Hearing

ATTORNEY hire $1495

LEGAL SERVICE SUMMARY: We will review the transcript of the LAST Parole Hearing and advise if you can PETITION to ADVANCE your subsequent hearing earlier than the 3, 5, 7, 10, or 15-year Denial, received at your last hearing.

Marsy's Law changed Penal Code 3041.5 to permit a life inmate to submit a written request to the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH), to advance his or her parole Suitability hearing to an earlier date, if there is changed circumstances or new information, after receiving a 3 year to 15 year Denial.

This is a flat discounted Web Attorney's fee for an Opinion Letter regarding the PREVIOUS LIFER Parole Hearing. This legal opinion analyzes your readiness to PETITION for an ADVANCE HEARING to the Board of Parole Hearing in Sacramento. We will prepare the Petition to Advance the Hearing (form BPH1045) and provide recommendations as to what MUST be provided (such as Support Letter, Job offers, etc.) with the Petition.

The inmate will need to provide (i.e. mail to our office) different available documentations for the analysis. Below are the recommended documents with #1 being the "minimum" *documentation needed:

1) *Transcript of the last Board Hearing
2) Most recent Psychological Report, written by the Forensic Psychologist
3) Most recent Post-Conviction Report, written by the counselor.
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