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Attorney Opinion for Lifer Parole Hearing - File Review

Attorney Opinion for Lifer Parole Hearing - File Review

ATTORNEY hire 950

LEGAL SERVICE SUMMARY: We will review the relevant documents for the NEXT Parole Hearing and evaluate your readiness to appear in front of the Board Of Parole Hearings (BPH).

This is a flat discounted Web Attorney's fee for an Opinion Letter regarding your up-coming LIFER Parole Hearing. This legal opinion analyzes your readiness to go in front of the BOARD. It also recommends the best strategy for a short-term and long-term approach to successfully gain a Parole Date. It will provide recommendations as to what is missing (if anything) or what could be improved in your presentation before going to the BOARD hearing.

This is crucial because of Marsy's Law. If you do not get a Parole Date - you are facing a minimum of 3-year, with a maximum of 15-year Denial, before you get another chance at the Parole Hearing. YOU WANT TO DO IT RIGHT TO AVOID A 15-year DENIAL!

This rate does NOT include any on-site visits. If you want a face-to-face on-site then purchase ("ATTORNEY hire $1000” or "ATTORNEY hire $1500") depending on the Prison location from our San Diego based Law office.

The inmate will need to provide (i.e. mail to our office) different available documentations for the analysis. Below are the recommended documents with #2 and #3 being the "minimum" *documentation needed:

1) Transcript of the last Board Hearing
2) *Most recent Psychological Report, written by the Forensic Psychologist
3) *Most recent Board (aka Life Evaluation) Report, written by the counselor.

--- OR ---

The “Attorney Packet”, it will contain all the above documents and more. This packet can be requested from your last attorney. The attorneys are provided this packet by the prison - each time the State Appointed (or private) attorney represents you. You can ask your attorney to give you the packet AFTER you have completed the hearing.

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