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Parole Revocation,  Lifer Suitability Hearing, BPH, BPT

The Law Office of Diane T. Letarte is a community based law firm located in San Diego, California. The law office serves the 35 State Prisons in the entire State of California for Lifer Parole Hearings (Lifer Representation.)  CALL US  619-233-3688

Watch for *new* SB81,click here. If signed by Gov. to be eff. Jan 2024
BPH Executive Order on Video/Audio Parole Hearings Start in April 2020
Prop 57: Increase parole chances for nonviolent crime inmates, 3X'ers too
SB1437 (2019): Re-sentence non-shooter Petition (click BLOG info)
Case Law: Lamoureux and Gooden from COA 4th, Div 1
Lifer Parole Suitability Hearings (as of 2018):
SB261 effective (2016) & SB519 extends BPH deadline by 6-months 

SB261: Expanded Youth Hearing: Committed crime before 23 yrs old.
AB1308 (2018) Expanded Youth Hrg: Committed crime before 26 yrs old.
94: LWOP, crime before 18 & served 25 yrs, Eligible for Youth Hearing

SB260/SB261 Questionnaire
. &  SB260Guide  Sentencing-Youth Coalition 
 SB260 (2014) Youth Offender Parole Hearings

AB3234 (eff. 1/1/2021): Elderly Parole 50 yo /20 yrs down, 3X'er Excluded.
Elderly Parole Suitability Hearing
(BPH memo) as of October 1, 2014 
Three-Judge Panel (2014) allows 60 years old, down 25 years, 3X'er Included.

Medical Parole Hearing (BPH memo), as of  July 1, 2014 applies the Expanded Medical Parole Process.

We provide reasonably priced Legal fee (no hidden cost) legal representation to the public in such areas as, Criminal Law and an emphasis on Post-Conviction Criminal Defense, Lifer Appeals (Writs) and Lifer Parole Suitability Hearings (completed over 1000 hearings).  The firm also qualifies to appear as a Superior Court Judge Pro-Tem in San Diego's small claims.

The law office has access to the latest in database searches to optimize your dollars when it comes to legal research and Cloud Service for file & printer Access. As a Software Engineer and Attorney, I leverage technology in order to DECREASE my overhead, which allows to pass SAVINGS on to YOU! We use e-mails, Twitter, Blogs, but mostly phones to provide efficient contact, this in turn saves time, travel and money. I can be notified expeditiously by e-mail via my Laptop, Smartphone, or Ipad. Our goal is to provide quality legal services  to the public without having to mortgage their home to be able to get the legal services. Many time we operate on a FLAT rate to minimize fees.

Ms. Letarte is an easy-going and approachable attorney - she can be found dressed up for Court and Prison or as the Renegade Attorney cruising on her Black Honda Shadow VLX 600, on Wildcat Canyon Road in San Diego county. A great motorcycle road in California.

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