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Parole Hearing Appeal in State Court.  Cost range $10,000-$20,000

Parole Hearing Appeal in State Court. Cost range $10,000-$20,000

Our office realizes that financial resources for inmates and their family/friends may be limited. We offer a range from $10,000 - $20,000 for an Appeal in State Court, depending on the complexity of the case and the Court level. This can be discussed with our legal staff.

Our full Appeal services will include "some" or all of the following tasks, depending on what the reviewing attorney deems relevant.

a.    Preliminary Case analysis,
b.    Obtain appropriate Documents, as needed by attorney 
c.    Review file, Investigation, Legal Research,
d.    Communicate with Client (or family), when deemed needed by the attorney
e.    Review Parole Plans presented at Parole Hearing, if deemed appropriate
f.     Review Psychological Report(s) presented at Parole Hearing
g.    Review prior Board Report(s), if available
h.    Review Hearing transcript(s), if available
i.     Review Institutional Behavior documentation, as needed
j.     Prepare & Draft Writ to Appeal from the (BPH) Decision in Superior Court

k.    File Writ in subsequent Appeal in State Court

l.     Petition to Review at the California Supreme Courts, IF the attorney deems the review appropriate.

As an alternative plan for a smaller fee (contact our office), we may draft the Writ for the inmate. The inmate on a Pro Per basis will submit the Writ to the first level for review at the Superior Court. The attorney will not be the attorney of record or be named anywhere on the pleading (i.e. writ). The Writ (after drafting) will be turned over to the client /inmate (or his family). The Attorney's scope of employment will terminate after completing the drafting of the Writ Petition. It will be up to the inmate to keep track of the legal documents and to answer to the Attorney General's responses.

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