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Inmates Tips: Lifer Parole Hearings DOWNLOAD

Inmates Tips: Lifer Parole Hearings DOWNLOAD

Inmates Tips: Lifer Parole Hearings DOWNLOAD
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If you cannot retained a private attorney and you do not want the State Appointed (Public Defender) who may have very little time to discuss your case, then this is a MUST for inmates ready to go to their LIFER Parole Suitability Hearing. Family member may also want to buy the SAMPLE Support Letters .

TIPs is an easy to read document with a non-legalese approach to prepare the inmate on WHAT to expect  during the Parole Suitability Hearing (BPH). TIPs also contains SAMPLE Questions from both the Commissioners (BOARD) and the Prison Psychologist. The NEW 2020 Edition contains more information COVID19 Video Hearings as well as Youth and Elderly Parole hearings as well as existing new 2020 law: (i.e SB1437 Felony Murder and AB3234, new elderly law) There are now 17 (as of 2020)  Commissioners appointed by the Governor who hear these Parole Hearings across all 35+ Prisons, where it is normally conducted. It may cost you (or your loved ones) your Life of incarceration, if you do not have a Short & Long term strategy when you Face the BPH (a.k.a the BOARD, at your next Parole Suitability Hearing.

This is a FREE practical "TIPs" (45+ pages) pamphlet. As an inmate or the Family of an inmate you only need to pay a small convenience fee for the internet express delivery. DELIVERY NOTE: your shipping address is requested for billing purposes ONLYWATCH: You will receive a LINK to DOWNLOAD (click on link)  immediately after you pay (via credit card or Paypal) and then checkout. This option does not  deliver a U.S. mail copy.  Contact us, if you "miss" the LINK to download on check out.

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