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602-1,2,3 APPEAL-Rev 2022 FillablePDF

602-1,2,3 APPEAL-Rev 2022 FillablePDF

602-1,2,3 APPEAL-Rev 2022 FillablePDF
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An inmate can file an administrative appeal to complain about an action taken by any employee of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) or any CDCR policy or procedure that affects the prisoner.  See California Code of Regulations, Title 15, Section (CCR) 3084.1.

Note the new Rev. January 2022 CDCR-602 form contains three forms: CDCR 602-1, 602-2, 602-3 for the different phases of the Appeal

Examples of topics that an administrative appeal might address are;

  • **medical care delays,
  • failure to follow procedural rules for disciplinary violation hearings,
  • miscalculation of work credits,
  • restrictive mail policies, or
  • visitor denials.

Most types of administrative appeals are filed using the “CDCR 602" form; however, health care*** appeals are filed on a special form called a “602-HC” form and disability accommodation appeals are filed on an “1824" form.

An inmate must send this appeal and any supporting documents to the Appeals Coordinator (AC) within 30 calendar days of the event that lead to the filing of this appeal. The CDCR Form 602 Rev 2022 contains 2-pages.  Refer to CCR 3084 for further guidance with the appeal process. No retaliation should be taken for using the appeal process.

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