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Pre-Board Consultation: Parole Hearing Strategy

Pre-Board Consultation: Parole Hearing Strategy

Pre-Board Consultation: Parole Hearing Strategy
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Pre-Board Attorney Consultation $1450

COVID19:   No in-prison travel: Consultation done via Audio and/or Video

This is Web page containing the Attorney's fee for a Pre-Board Consultation. This legal service is mostly for inmates that are not going to their Parole Suitability Hearing for another 3 to 10 years.

The Pre-Board Parole Consultation includes reviewing the best strategy for a successful Initial (or subsequent) Parole Hearing. The legal services include three PHASES as described below in detail. Each Phases are normally 30 days in length and all three normally concludes after 90-120 days. The BPH sample questionnaire, written homework (i.e. apology letters, relapse prevention plan, etc.) and one Audio Consultation completes the services.

PHASE I: We mail over 100+ BPH sample questions for the inmate to get a better understanding of what the Commissioners are looking for at the hearing. There are no right or wrong responses to this excercise, we look for "best efforts" from the inmate. It is best that the inmate answer all the applicable sample questions for their own edification (and food for thought).

Our Law office will provide feedback to the 20 + questions marked with an asterisks "*" on the questionnaire.  We encourage the inmate to reply only on 1-side of the paper, when writing to our office, for ease of reading and providing feedback. The homework assists the Attorney in determining the level of Insight they have into their crime.  This entails looking at character defects/flaws that played a role in the commitment offense and/or alleged behavior. After our law office receives the BPH responses, we will provide feedback, may recommend classes to attend (and/or Books to read); this helps the inmate to focus on the appropriate rehabilitation for the Board and then the inmate is ready to move to PHASE II. There is a 30 day time frame to complete this homework.

PHASE II: The inmate will receive our Parole Preparation Packet (PPP, 50+ pages). This contains Samples of Apology letters and HOW to write a Relapse Prevention Plan (RPP), as well as a sample of an RPP. This written homework section (Phase II) takes more self-introspection on the part of the inmate. Once our law office receives the RPP and/or apology letter(s) the Attorney will review the documents to provide feedback; the inmate then moves to PHASE III. There is a 30 day time frame to complete this homework.

Final PHASE III: After we receive the inmate's “best effort” on the written documents, (or the time frame has expired) the attorney will set-up a 60-120 minute Confidential phone Consultation. She will review the PPP (50+ pg) resource, page by page, as well as any homework that was provided. She will review the Board Psychologist interview process, (tricky questions). Psychologist's interview will occur 4-5 months before the hearing. The Attorney will also reserve a Questions and Answers (Qs/As) session as part of the Audio Consultation. She will also go over the logistics (process) of the new Video Parole hearing format, as well as who is allowed (or not allowed) to attend the hearing.

The Pre-Board consultation legal services is complete at the end of Phase III, which is the 60 - 120 minute Confidential phone Consultation (time depends on the prison regulations). By then the inmate will know exactly what to work on over the next several years, before the scheduled Initial Parole hearing.

DISCLOSURE: Keep in mind the Pre-Board Consultation legal services will be completed at the end of Phase III, with the Consultation phone call with or without the homework completed. It is in the best interest of the inmate to prioritize the completion of the homework, for a more productive Phase III Legal Confidential phone consultation.
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