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This is a Web Attorney's fee PAYMENT PLAN assistance for ANY Parole Hearing Representation for inmates. (Youth or Elderly, or Long Time Offender, Lifers)

This $1000 on-line payment can be used with Paypal or a Credit Card to assit with the payments of the full Retainer Agreement signed for the Attorney Legal Service.
Contact us at 619-233-3688 for details.

Parole Hearing Legal Services include:
  1. Review Relevant Court Orders / Decisions (BPH Legal section)
  2. Review best approach to the Crime & inmate Closing statements
  3. Review relevant documents and/or C-file (ERMS, SOMS, etc..)
  4. Review accomplishments, Interview & Prepare Client for Board
  5. Review Parole Plans & Relapse Prevention Plan & Relapse Triggers
  6. Review Progress Report(s), Discuss "Insight" w/ Client
  7. Review Psych Eval., including "Hallmarks of Youth for  Youth Hearing
  8. Review Prior Hearing transcripts with recommendations for new hearing. Review Institutional Behavior, Apology Letter(s)
  9. First Consultation will take place after some homework (by inmate) as been perform, per the Attorney request
  10. Second Consultation is immediately before the hearing combined with Representation of the Client at the Video Lifer Parole Suitability Hearing

Attorney hire: COVID19 fee  $4,500 & up ** for (ALL Prisons).
Inmates that ARE housed at any of the California State Prisoons.

** If interested in retaining our Parole Hearing legal services using the COVID19 protocol:

Our Client must sign our Consent form to Waive the “in-person” prison appearance by Attorney Letarte.

Both the Consultation and the Parole Hearing (done by Audio and/or Video appearance); this avoids the travel fees and
potential Health issues for all parties involved. See
Video Conference Presumption below.

NEW BPH NORMAL: Proposed Regulations: Title 15 CCR 2050, et seq.: Specifically Section 2052 Method of Conducting a Proceeding and
2053 Video Conference Presumption: Hearings will be conducted via Video Conference UNLESS you fall in the Exception list. (see 15 CCR 2054)

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