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Representation: Privately Retained

Representation: Privately Retained

"First of all, I must say THANK YOU  !!!!!! I can never thank you enough for what you did for me. As
I mentioned to you. I am always scare to death of going in my parole hearings. But, you made me relax
and when I went in there, I felt like you were my Guardian Angel.There's something you said in your flyer that I took to the heart. "One of the most important factors when looking for an Attorney is to find someone, whom you can trust to help you with your legal issues. has experience in the specific field and will take a personal interest in vou. as an individual. " Well, you sure proved that to me."

 By Carlos [28+ years incarcerated, received Parole Grant] - CVSP.

Your are a very kind human being, and God sees the good in all people!

Representation: Privately Retained

Representation: Privately Retained


In re Shaputis (2008) 44 Cal.4th 1241
FREEDOM (rel.  3/9/2017)

His attorney Diane T. Letarte and her legal Assistant Yolanda Navarro had the pleasure to take Mr. Shaputis and his wife out to Lunch on Friday March 24, 2017.

We all had fun conversations and horror stories from his 30 years of incarceration on his 17-Life, 2nd degree murder case. He then posed for a photo with us - taking a Breath of Fresh Air - FREEDOM!




Diane represented me at a board of parole hearing for two murders that I did not commit. Maintaining my innocence was always the elephant in the room for 39 years. She removed the elephant by guiding and coaching me before and throughout the hearing I am convinced I would still be in prison if she had not represented me. Nov 2015 - Robert B. (Stockton)

Represented: by State Appointment, Subsequently Privately Retained, Subsequently Court appointed on Writ and then appointed via the Court of Appeals.   (2007-2008)

 Dear State Bar Association,

     I am writing on Behalf of Ms. Letarte, Attorney-At-Law. I was seen by the California Parole Board on July 10, 2007 and was well represented by Ms. Letarte. This was my 4th board appearance and BY FAR Ms. Letarte has been without a doubt "thee" BEST attorney I've had.

     Ms. Letarte was both polite, yet thorough in her representation and had kept my best interests in mind at all times within my parole hearing.


Dear Yolanda,    Legal assistant to Attorney Letarte    1/20/2020
            Words can not express the gratitude I feel for your consistent motivation.  The passion you displayed made me confident that you strive for excellence and your work is a manifestation of that observation. I really appreciate the kindness you extended to my family.  It made the process a lot easier.  THANKS for all the assistance you put into your  work that assisted me to be found suitable, [despite the EOP status with CDCR].  I promise to make the best of this second chance. Thanks for BEING THERE!

Sincerely,           D.P.  (CHCF Stockton, 2020)

"Ms. Letarte, my family and I want you to take part in our joy. Our Gratitude for your Kindness and Excellent legal performance will remain forever in our hearts. Knowing how much enthusiasm and devotion you put in your work, I am certain that you will be very happy too, with the outcome of your performance in my case. I was informed that INS will be at the State Prison to pick me up tomorrow and then take me to Mexico's borderline. I am going home!!!

Your POPULARITY and RESPECT among lifers [in Prison] keeps Climbing!"  Justo,(2014)  God is absolutely great and merciful, after after 27+ years of this difficult journey, He finally has set me free.

"Diane it was your constant reminder that I should not give-up. Again Thank You for believing in me and standing up to the hardest parole hearing I have ever had. Diane you did a great job and like I said you did the "impossible" in getting me a Grant!!!"     November 2016 - Richard Shaputis found suitable. (aka In Re Shaputis)

Pre-Board Preparation service (11/25/2022): I’d like to thank and commend Attorney Diane T. Letarte for the stupendous work she did recently, on the Pre-Board Consultation legal services with my son, as it relates to his future (2033) board parole suitability hearing.
Attorney Letarte demonstrated exceptional expertise in her parole board hearing legalese. She outlined a clear and concise legal approach that will assist my son with continued  preparation as his parole board hearing approaches. Attorney Letarte, as evidence by my son, is extremely passionate about her work, detailed, meticulous, and most of all she listens well. On behalf of me and my sons entire family we’d like to thank you again and again. praying all well wishes to you, your family, and wonderful staff (Yolanda). We’ve been praying for years to find legal assist as superb as your practice has delivered to our family. A mom (11/25/2022)

"After retaining several attorneys in the past, I learned not to trust them. They were only interested in your money and not in your case. Diane changed all that. When she took my case, she took it personal, as if I was her only client. She treated me more like family instead of a client. She went inside my parole hearing fighting like a champ! She was my Guardian Angel."  Carlos  3/2013

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