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See the  Impact of Inmates Aging in Prison, with California's almost non-release policy of Lifers. There is Hope-->   ELDERLY PAROLE HEARINGs started October 1, 2014. REQUIREMENTS:  Inmate is at least 60 years old and incarcerated 25 years or more. Federal 3-Judge Panel are really pressuring Governor Brown to Release inmates due to Health issue from the Over Population of the Prisons!

The HOPE for Lifers that took a 7 to Life PLEA, expecting to be release after 5 to 7 years...under  "LIFE with POSSIBILITY of PAROLE" was disappearing as they AGE in Prison costing Billion$ to the tax payors ...... but wait ELDERLY Parole Hearing is real and did start October 1, 2014.

Call 619-233-3688 for Details on how we can increase your Elderly loved-one's chance to get a Grant of Parole!

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

Presented  to Attorney Letarte

by Families of the Incarcerated

California Parole
California Parole - State Prison Lifer inmates

California Parole - State Prison Lifer inmates

1/1/2018: Assembly Bill 1308 (AB1308) increased age of Youth Offenders Hearing, if crime BEFORE reaching 26 y.o.

1/1/2016:  (SB261), crime BEFORE reaching 23 y.o.

1/1/2014:  Senate Bill 260, crime BEFORE reaching 18 y.o.

(SB260 / 261 / AB1308 Qualification Questionnaire)
Youth Offender Hearings - started in 2014
1) Youth Offender Schedule       2) Lifer  Parole Hearings Schedule

A California Bill signed by Governor Brown on September 16, 2013 implementing the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Miller v. Alabama (2012) 183 L.Ed.2d 407, which recognizes that most young people who commit crimes have the ability to change and become law abiding citizens as they age and mature. "Hallmark features of Youth" to be given "great weight" include immaturity, impulsitivity, recklessness, lessened responsibility, lessened ability to anticipate and appreciate consequences, immune to punishment, susceptibility to negative family/peer influences, and lessened capacity to  overcome (or escape) dysfunctional home environments or crime-producing settings. NOTE:  Denial of Parole at the SB260/SB261/AB1308 Youth Offender hearings, the inmate will be subject to Marsy's Law denial length.

WHAT IS MARSY'S LAW (aka Prop-9) : On November 4, 2008, California voters passed Proposition 9,  the Victims’ Bill of Rights Act (“Act”).  The Act simplistically treats ALL lifers equally, regardless of  the individual facts or any extenuating circumstances. California Penal Code section 3041.5 is amended, increasing the parole-denial periods to which life prisoners could be subjected.

WHAT PENAL CODE SECTIONS IMPACT LIFERS THE MOST by P9?: Under the former Penal Code section 3041.5 life prisoners who were not convicted of murder could be denied parole for 1 or 2 years, and lifer prisoners who were convicted of murder could be denied parole for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. Under amended section 3041.5. ALL life prisoners can be denied parole 15, 10, 7, 5, or 3 years.  Parole Hearing are now by default every 15-year after any  hearing which a parole is denied, unless the BPH can show by “clear and convincing” evidence that the inmate does not require a more lengthy period of incarceration. If that evidence is shown, then the BPH may proceed to set the next denial in the order of 10, 7, 5, and finally 3-years based upon the same criteria.

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